Your pregnancy health is in danger if you are stressed or in depression. Know the effects -

Your pregnancy health is in danger if you are stressed or in depression. Know the effects

Pregnancy is a crucial time for a woman and also for her child. It is a time of joy and excitement, but also fear and anxiety. Most women get all stressed out and tensed when they hear the news of their pregnancy. Not only this, she tends to suffer from postnatal depression too.

Many times they couldn’t handle single handily. Support from her family and community helps her get out from the state of depression.
The stress and tension you take on yourself, will not only affect your health but also the health of your unborn child.

Here is how stress and depression can affect your health when you are pregnant:

  • If you are depressed, your diet is the first thing to get affected. You may start eating too much or too less which is not at all good for your health.
  • Your sleep pattern gets affected. Depression may cause insomnia in you and you may remain stressed all day and even night.
  • Stress makes you greatly sensitive. You start crying for no reason and feel helpless emotionally.
  • There is always a lack of energy in your body.
  • Disinterest in activities you normally used to enjoy.
  • You start believing that you can’t take care of your baby and feel hopeless.

All these conditions, not only reduce your physical health and mental health but may also get severe and cause premature delivery, miscarriage, or low weight baby weight which is not healthy.

Thus, before taking any kind of stress or tension, always know that the most wonderful thing that can ever happen to you is on its way and you have got nothing to worry about.
Get ready to welcome him or her!

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