The signs of a first period & How to Talk about it. -

The signs of a first period & How to Talk about it.

Menstruation commonly referred to as periods are a crucial time in a girl’s life. It is a natural process.
Sometimes in the pace, we girls fail to look for the signs of our first period. As you are nearing puberty here are the signs which you and your parents must look for your first period:

Body hair-

The bodily hair growth increases and the parts like legs or underarms or face start developing hair. When pubic hairs appear it signifies of puberty and you can estimate that the time for the first period is nearing.

Change in breasts-

The girl observes the change in her body herself. Breast buds around 9th or 10th year of a girl’s life and mostly the first period occurs around 12.


Abdominal cramps appear 1 to 2 week prior to periods and same goes with the first period.

Vaginal discharge-

A white or cream mucus discharge is observed in panty about 6 months to 1 month prior to getting the first period.

Genetic connection-

Ask your mom, when did she get her first periods. This is not only a good conversation starter but also gives an idea of when will you get first periods. Your periods might begin around the same time as your mother’s.

Light spotting –
Constipation –

even diarrhea

Puberty symptoms-

Some general sign of puberty are also symptoms of the first menarche. Acne, Mood swings, and sexual arousal are such symptoms.

Gassy –

or bloated feeling

Also, we usually get uncomfortable having conversations about it.

Talking about your periods to your parents is important. Instead of freaking out, it is essential to have your parents’ guidance.

Talking to your mom about the physical changes clears the air. She will tell you what is happening in your body is pretty normal and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed or get scared of. Slowly and gradually, you will learn to accept it and even become confident about being a woman.

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