Why Choose Dr Mayuri Kothiwala & Her Clinic in Jaipur

Why Choose Us

Women health issues look simple but are not easy to differentiate. We give you most accurate single diagnosis, when not possible, we give close differentials with help of various diagnostic utilities.

Acurate Diagnosis

We provide consultion based on national and international guidelines. What makes us different from others is our huge experience from world best medical institutions like LHMC, Keil(Germany)


We don to give give just medicines. We explain your Gyne/Obs problems in details that makes you more comfortable and comliant to treatment. We expect zerodrop outs to unsatisfied consultaion.

Patient Education

Treatment for gynecological diseases runs long and sometimes medicines are costly too. Our point to point treatment avoids unnecessary medicines which reduces cummulative cost of therapy & makes it affordable for everyone.

Quality & Cost Effective Treatment

As per medical ethics, we prefer to go beyond usual trend to help poor and needy patients to comlete their treatments.

Social Responsibility

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