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Ante Natal Check-up

Ante Natal Check-up

Ante-natal care (ANC)

ANC is the care you get from the obstetrician in your journey of motherhood, starting as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed and ends with the delivery of your bundle of joy.

What is the need for ANC?

The routine ANC visits help the health care professionals to take care of the mother and baby in a better way.

ANC visits are planned monthly for the first seven months, then fortnightly in the eighth month, followed by weekly till delivery. It is necessary to understand the importance of these visits and to attend every visit sincerely so as to identify any emerging complication and take timely measures.

It is an important platform to communicate with your obstetrician, ask your queries and learn week by week of pregnancy.

The doctors help you with your lifestyle, dietary advice, and advice and /or help in stopping smoking </and alcohol consumption .

Your first ANC visit
  • This should ideally be done as soon as you miss your periods or at around 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. This visit is very important for you and your partner. At this time your pregnancy is confirmed. General examination and detailed history taking is the protocol. This includes history of past pregnancies, any medical illness that you are suffering from, any medicines you are taking, history of allergies, substance abuse, stress etc.
  • You get advice about healthy eating, exercise and weight gain expectations
    Information is provided about vitamins and minerals that should be taken during pregnancy and foods to be avoided.

At 6 weeks and beyond you will be offered an obstetric sonography to confirm the viability of the fetus along with a battery of routine blood and urine investigations.

At this time you have the opportunity to know about your obstetrician, your future anc visits and birth plans

Subsequent visits

Your antenatal care is planned according to your current health and any risk factors, the stage of pregnancy. At each visit:

  • BP and weight are recorded
  • Growth of baby is measured by fundal height and listening to fetal heart
  • Checking on any bothering symptoms
  • Medications are discussed
  • Previous important history is noted
  • Advice on lifestyle modification and exercises is given
Number of ANC visits during pregnancy

ANC visits are planned monthly for the first seven months, then fortnightly in the eighth month, followed by weekly till delivery.

But the number of visits can vary depending on the presence of risk factors and development of any complications.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to bring your spouse, family member or friend along with you at your ANC visits, especially at the time of discussing the birth plans.

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