Breast disease treatment in Jaipur | Breast specialist doctor Jaipur

Breast Diseases

Breast disease treatment in Jaipur | Breast specialist doctor Jaipur

Breast disease indicates infection along with the formation of cyst with or without pain. These can be both benign and malignant and can spread. Some breast disease may include mastitis, cysts, benign lumps and cancer.

At first any breast disease like breast cancer, breast fibroids, etc needs a self examination. A prolonged occurrence of unusual lump or cyst needs immediate medical attention. These lumps can be painful and immovable. If both the conditions do not prevail, then the chances are that it can be cancerous. Different tests that include sonography, mammography and blood tests are conducted to find the cause and type of the disease. Dr. Mayuri Kothiwala provides immediate care and attention to such cases.

What are the common breast disorders?

There are several types of breast disorders in women most of which are benign and non-cancerous:

  • Breast pain

It is the most common breast disorder seen. Breast pain is commonly associated with swelling of the breast tissue during the menstrual cycle and is mostly hormonal. Other causes of breast pain can include infection, injury and cysts.

  • Cysts

A cyst is a fluid-filled sac that develops in the breast tissue. They can be tender and painful and can feel either soft or hard.

  • Fibroadenomas

Fibroadenomas are solid, smooth, firm, benign lumps. They are commonly known as breast mouse as they can move around freely. Fibroadenomas are mostly painless lumps that vary in size and can grow anywhere in the breast tissue.

  • Fat necrosis

Fat necrosis is a condition in which painless lumps caused by damaged fatty tissues form in the breast tissue. Fat necrosis most often occurs in women with very large breasts or after trauma to the breast.

  • Generalized breast lumpiness

This is also known as “fibrocystic disease” of the breast. It is caused by normal breast changes that take place in many women throughout their lives.

  • Unequal breast size

Having breasts of different sizes is common in the early stages of breast development. However, visit your doctor for breast examination to rule out a breast mass, cyst or abscess.

  • Hard lump

If you find a lump with any of the following qualities, visit your doctor immediately:

  • hard
  • not mobile
  • feels like it’s attached to the chest wall
  • combined with dimpling or puckering of the overlying skin of breast
How are breast disorders diagnosed?

The first step in diagnosing any type of breast disorder is a physical breast examination. Depending on the findings, your doctor may order other tests to help make a diagnosis:

  • ultrasound
  • mammogram
  • fine-needle aspiration
What are the treatment options for breast disorders?

The treatment options depend on the type of breast disorder. Many types of breast disorders don’t need treatment whereas some growths or masses may require surgical removal.

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