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What is labiaplasty surgery?

Labiaplasty is a surgery in which the labia minora or the lips of vagina are trimmed in order to reduce its size and improve the aesthetic value.

Who does labiaplasty?

It is a cosmetic procedure, done at centers with qualified and certified surgeons. Gynecologists and plastic surgeons generally perform this surgery. Qualified surgeon, Dr. Mayuri Kothiwala, does Labiaplasty surgery at our center. She is the best cosmetic gynecologist in Jaipur.

How is labiaplasty surgery done?

Labiaplasty involves reshaping the lips of vagina. The extra, redundant tissue is excised either with knife or laser and remaining flaps are stitched back using very fine sutures, keeping aesthetic value in mind.

It is generally performed under local anaesthesia but can be done under general anaesthesia too.

It is an OPD procedure, takes less than an hour and you go home immediately after the procedure.

What to do after labiaplasty surgery?

It takes around 6 weeks to completely recover from the surgery. You may take off from work for the first few days if pain and discomfort are bothersome.

During this time you need to:

  • Take your antibiotics and painkillers as advised.
  • Keep the area hygienic and free from infection
  • Wear loose undergarments and pants to prevent friction
  • Avoid sex for about 6 weeks, till there is complete recovery
  • Avoid heavy physical activity for 6 to 12 weeks- that includes cycling, pelvic floor exercises, and outdoor games.
  • Avoid use of tampons for a few weeks
What are the possible Side effects of labiaplasty?

Rarely, bleeding, infection, scarring and reduced sensitivity of genitals can be seen after the procedure.

When do stitches dissolve after labiaplasty?

Stitches used in labiaplasty are very fine and absorbable. Labiaplasty stitches take around 3-4 weeks to dissolve completely.

When is labiaplasty necessary?

Elongated labia with bizarre shape might cause difficulty during sex and reduced pleasure. In some women, lager labia are even visible through their undergarments and costumes. This might have a great psychological impact in some females with reduced self- confidence.

The beauty of external genitalia is a subjective matter for all women and aesthetic genital surgery done for cosmetic and functional reasons definitely helps in improving psychological, physical, and sexual states.

We also suggest to go for Hymenoplasty treatment in Jaipur where the torn edges of the hymen are identified, the margins freshened up and the remaining tissue is stitched together, leaving a small opening gives psychological relief and regain of self-confidence.

What are the indications of labiaplasty?

It is indicated in enlarged and bizarre shape labia such as in:

  • Radial Elongation of the labia minora
  • Thickened labia minora
  • Ruffled labia
  • Funnel shaped labia
  • Double fold labia
  • Widened clitoral hood
Can labiaplasty cause nerve damage?

Labiaplasty is a safe and effective procedure. When done by wedge resection technique, it creates a small horizontal scar that is nearly invisible after healing is complete. This technique spares critical nerves and preserves arterial supply.

Can labiaplasty cause infertility?

Labiaplasty is a safe cosmetic procedure done on external female genitalia. It does not have any effect on fertility of the female.

Can you have labiaplasty during your periods?

No. It is better to get this surgery done after your periods so that you get sufficient time for healing and infection of the stitches is avoided.

Can OBGY perform labiaplasty?

Yes, an OBGY specialist can perform the surgery.

What is the cost of labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a cost-effective procedure. Women afford it very easily. You just need to understand the importance of this procedure. For the cost of labiaplasty at our center, please contact the front office.

Can Labiaplasty be done with laser?

Yes, labiplasty can be done with the help of CO2 laser.

Is Labiaplasty common?

Labiaplasty is being done since 1970’s. It is gaining popularity with time as females are becoming aware of the available cosmetic procedures and concerned for their sexual health.

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