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Transform Your Life with EMSELLA Chair

Transform Your Life with EMSELLA Chair

Tired of urinary incontinence holding you back? Say goodbye to leaks and hello to confidence with the EMSELLA Chair!

Dr. Mayuri Kothiwala’s Gynecology Clinic unveils a pioneering solution for pelvic health – the FDA-approved EMSELLA Chair Treatment in Jaipur. This innovative “Emsella Chair” offers a non-invasive and effective remedy for urinary incontinence, benefiting both men and women of various age groups

Is Emsella Chair Right for You?

Are you among 200 million worldwide impacted by incontinence?

Is frequent urination a part of your daily routine?

Have concerns about insecurity led to a decrease in intimate activities?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might be dealing with urinary incontinence. The Emsella Chair, FDA-cleared for treating urinary incontinence in women, offers a groundbreaking solution.

The Innovative Solution: EMSELLA Chair


EMSELLA Chair, a pioneering device, employs electromagnetic energy to trigger deep pelvic floor muscle contractions. This stimulation is achieved without requiring you to undress. Each session delivers thousands of contractions, effectively training your muscles with minimal effort. Scientific research confirms that a remarkable 95% of treated patients report substantial improvements in their quality of life.

Advantages of the EMSELLA Chair


Unlike traditional methods, EMSELLA offers a non-invasive approach that requires no recovery time.


During treatment, you remain fully clothed, eliminating any discomfort associated with undressing.


EMSELLA helps restore bladder and pelvic muscle control without the need for time-consuming exercises.


The 28-minute treatment allows you to relax and unwind, making the procedure enjoyable.

Prompt Results

Many patients notice improvement after just one session, with ongoing progress over the subsequent weeks.

Sustained Improvement

With around six sessions scheduled twice a week, you can expect long-lasting results.

Pad Reduction

Numerous patients have reported a significant reduction in the use of pads, highlighting the efficacy of EMSELLA.

Elevating Intimate Health: EMSELLA Chair's Impact

At the forefront of women’s intimate health and wellness, EMSELLA Chair employs high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology. This revolutionary approach provides a non-invasive option for those grappling with incontinence. In a mere 28 minutes, the equivalent of 11,200 Kegel exercises is delivered, empowering you to regain control over your pelvic floor muscles.

Understanding the Issue & Treatment

For women

1. Pelvic Floor Health and Urinary Incontinence in women

The natural progression of life events such as aging, childbirth, and menopause can lead to the weakening of pelvic floor muscles, resulting in inadequate support for the pelvic organs. This weakening often leads to the distressing condition of urinary incontinence, affecting millions worldwide.

2. Sexual Rejuvenation-Tissue and Muscle Changes Affecting Intimacy

The challenges of tissue and muscle changes in the pelvic region can significantly impact intimate well-being. As tissues lose their vitality and muscle tone declines, individuals may face sexual complications that affect their overall quality of life.

Personalized Emsella Chair’s Treatment plan for Women in Jaipur

In Jaipur, Dr. Mayuri Kothiwala’s innovative chair revolutionizes this by strengthening pelvic floor muscles discreetly. Women’s treatment involves an initial consultation to assess suitability.

Fortunately, there’s a modern solution that addresses these concerns. BTL Emsella, a cutting-edge technology, offers a twofold approach in Jaipur. For sexual rejuvenation, it revitalizes and tightens pelvic floor muscles and vaginal tissue, providing a promising option for enhancing intimate well-being. Additionally, for those struggling with urge incontinence, BTL Emsella’s targeted muscle contractions and relaxations effectively strengthen the pelvic floor, resulting in improved urinary control. This treatment’s efficiency surpasses that of traditional Kegel exercises, making it an appealing choice for individuals seeking holistic relief.

How it Works:-

A tailored plan is created based on the assessment at our clinics in Jaipur, outlining session frequency. During each 30-minute EMSELLA session, electromagnetic technology stimulates muscles for involuntary contractions, providing enhanced support. The non-invasive treatment requires no downtime, enabling women to resume daily activities immediately. Maintenance sessions may be recommended to maintain results and improve quality of life.

Understanding the Issue & Treatment

For Men

1.Erectile Dysfunction in Men

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) poses a significant challenge for men’s sexual health. It entails the inability to attain or maintain a rigid erection during sexual activity. The prevalence of ED increases with age, with over 50% of men between 40 and 70 years experiencing it regularly. Factors such as weak pelvic floor muscles and age-related changes further contribute to issues like premature ejaculation.

Personalized Emsella Chair’s Treatment plan for men in Jaipur

Men, too, benefit from EMSELLA Chair’s advancement in pelvic health. Whether due to aging or other factors, weakened pelvic muscles can lead to urinary incontinence. Dr. Mayuri Kothiwala’s pioneering approach addresses this by offering men a discreet and effective solution.

The process begins with an initial consultation to assess suitability, followed by a personalized treatment plan available in Jaipur at our clinics. EMSELLA sessions, lasting around 30 minutes, utilize electromagnetic technology to stimulate pelvic muscles, enhancing their strength and functionality. This comfortable, non-invasive treatment requires no recovery time. Like women, men might also have maintenance sessions to sustain positive outcomes and improve their overall well-being.

At Dr. Mayuri Gynecology Clinic, patients are guided to sit on the EMSELLA chair with proper posture – spine straight, feet on the ground, and hips, knees, and ankles flexed perpendicularly. The therapy, lasting 28 minutes to 30 Minutes, is fully clothed, ensuring comfort and ease throughout the procedure. The intensity of the treatment is adjusted based on patient feedback and comfort, facilitating optimal contractions.

Treatment Duration and Frequency

At Dr Mayri’s Gynecology Clinics in Jaipur, Each EMSELLA session takes approximately 30 minutes, and a typical treatment plan involves six sessions scheduled twice a week, tailored to individual needs.

Experience Comfort and Results

During the procedure, you’ll experience tingling sensations and pelvic floor muscle contractions. However, you can immediately resume your daily activities after the treatment. For postpartum individuals, the treatment can be initiated three months after delivery.

Witness Your Transformation

Significant improvements can often be observed after a single session. As time progresses, you’ll notice continuous enhancements over the following weeks.

Who should not consider BTL Emsella Chair treatment?

BTL Emsella Chair treatment is not advisable for individuals with certain medical conditions. These conditions include

  • Pregnancy
  • Implanted neurostimulators or defibrillators
  • Cardiac pacemakers
  • Hemorrhagic conditions
  • Anticoagulation therapy
  • Drug pumps
  • Metal implants (particularly hip implants)
  • Malignant tumors, and heart disorders.

It’s important to note that if you have any of these conditions, BTL Emsella Chair treatment may not be suitable for you. Always consult with a healthcare professional before undergoing any new treatment.

What are some tips and precautions for individuals undergoing BTL Emsella Chair treatment?

Here are some important tips and precautions to keep in mind:

  • Comfortable Attire: Wear comfortable clothing, preferably light fabric bottoms without zippers, on the days of treatment.
  • Jewelry Removal: Remove any jewelry from your hands before the treatment.
  • Clothing Choice: Avoid wearing heavy sweats or jeans on treatment days for the best experience.
  • Empty Pockets: Ensure your pockets are empty of credit cards, coins, or any items that might interfere with the treatment.
  • Electronics: Take out iPads, watches, or phones during treatment, as electromagnetic energy could potentially harm these devices.

Remember that following these tips and precautions will help ensure a safe and effective BTL Emsella Chair treatment experience. If you have any concerns, it’s always best to consult with your healthcare provider.

What is the cost of BTL EMSELLA Chair Treatment for SUI in Jaipur?

  • Per session: XXXX currency units
  • 6-session course: XXX currency units

Is EMSELLA more effective than Kegel exercises?

  • EMSELLA’s intensive stimulation of full pelvic floor muscles sets it apart.
  • 28-min EMSELLA session equals 11,000 pelvic floor exercises.

How does EMSELLA differ from Kegel exercises?

  • EMSELLA engages entire pelvic floor comprehensively.
  • Kegels target specific muscle subset.

Can EMSELLA expedite results for SUI?

  • EMSELLA’s intensified contractions offer potentially quicker improvement.
  • 28-min session replicates 11,000 pelvic exercises.

How long do the results of the EMSELLA treatment at Dr. Mayuri’s Gynecology Clinic last?

The longevity of treatment effects is contingent upon the initial symptom severity. Positive outcomes typically endure for about a year, with individual variations in effect.

Supporting a Healthier, Happier You

The groundbreaking EMSELLA Chair, available at Dr. Mayuri Kothiwala’s Gynecology Clinic, offers a non-invasive solution to empower your pelvic health. Scientifically proven and with results that speak for themselves, the EMSELLA Chair lets you regain control and enhance your overall quality of life. Don’t let urinary incontinence hold you back – take action now to experience the transformation. Book your appointment now by calling 7669571405 and take the first step towards a more confident future. Visit our conveniently located clinics in Vaishali Nagar, Jagatpura, and Tonk Road to start your journey.  Your journey to a more confident future begins at drmaurigynecology.com.

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