Top 5 Indian Pregnancy Related Superstitions Myths that still exist in 2018-19 गर्भावस्था में पेट से जुड़े कुछ मिथ -

Top 5 Indian Pregnancy Related Superstitions Myths that still exist in 2018-19 गर्भावस्था में पेट से जुड़े कुछ मिथ

“Pregnancy is a milestone in women’s life when she gives birth”

Posted:03/07-/2018 | By Dr.Vaibhav Jain

When you are pregnant in India, be sure and ready to hear advices associated with pregnancy. These bits of advice have turned out to be superstitions overtime and are still prevalent in India. Many of them are actually misleading, were yet believed and still continue.

Let’s clear the cloud, is it true or myth?
1. The sexual position affects the sex of the baby

Let’s start from the earliest stage. Indian society is obsessed with male child syndrome. And, from the earlier times, folks come up with ideas to predetermine the sex of the child. They have ignored the fact that nothing has control over sex determination; it lies in XX-XY combination

2. Keep the news under wrap until the first trimester is over.

People usually don’t want to announce the pregnancy early. But there is nothing to be superstitious about; research shows that there are more chances for a woman to have a miscarriage in the first few months of pregnancy.

3. A pregnant woman should avoid papaya; it can be the main cause of miscarriage

It is a fractional truth. Semi-ripe papaya includes latex substances that may elevate uterine contractions. This may result in early labor or miscarriage. Similarly, papain enzyme too is harmful to her. However, ripe papaya is good for pregnant women.

4. Saffron milk will affect the complexion of the child

After the birth of a baby, what is the biggest obsession of Indians? Yes, it is the skin color of the baby. Women are fed milk with saffron in the expectation that she will give birth to the fair-skinned child. But there is no evidence to support this myth

5. You gloom then it is certainly a baby boy

It is so true changes occur in woman body during pregnancy because of the hormone. There is no connection between glow and baby’s sex.

Over to you

Get in touch with most advance DrMayuri’s Gynecology Clinic in Jaipur&make a wellness appointment at an office convenient to you. Our world-class amenities and qualified doctors are available round the clock.There are many more weird myths related to pregnancy and it is always fun to hear it. Except for the parents of a child, no one knows the right thing for the baby. So use your judgment and intelligence and leave aside all the fake superstitions.

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