What is Food Cravings & What You Crave During Pregnancy & Why -

What is Food Cravings & What You Crave During Pregnancy & Why

The quick desire to eat specific foods throughout pregnancy is a food craving. The reason is biological.

They might consist of appetite for sweet elegances, spicy, salty or sour foods. You may sometimes also crave for bizarre non-food items. High level of food cravings befalls during the course of pregnancy, especially through the first and second trimesters.

Sometimes it is over dramatized but there is absolutely nothing wrong with food cravings during pregnancy. These insatiable desires affect more than 90% of women. Cravings are healthy when the urge is for fruits like item. They provide required nutrients to you and your baby.

Common Pregnancy Cravings:

We see a variation in craving as per the area where mom-to-be lives. In general, a pregnant woman urges for chocolates and chocolate cake, chips, salty and spicy foods, and citrus foods. She may desire to gulp an ice cube! This may relax the inflammation in mouth and tongue. Probably she has a calcium deficiency.

1. Salty foods:

The desire for salty and spicy food may mean a sodium deficiency. Your food has a low amount of sodium in your diet. Furthermore, pregnancy enhances your blood level. The augmented blood amount might be one of the reasons you desire salty food.

2. Craving for sweets:

Sugary sweets and dairy products attract much to a pregnant woman. Chocolate, creamy ice cream, and doughnuts are the favorites. The low blood sugar during pregnancy triggers a desire for sweets. This ensues to control the reducing blood sugar levels.

3. Spicy foods:

It is rather less common. However, spicy food managed a place in the cravings list. A pregnant woman may incline towards hot curries. If old spouses’ stories are to be believed those women who crave for spicy foods hold boys and those long for chocolates carry girls.

According to Chinese medical wisdom, spicy food craving happens when the immunity level of women is low.

4. Unique and odd mixture:

Pregnant women become unreasonable many times that surprises everyone around. She demands some unusual food combinations.

In a nutshell, what you consume will have an influence on your health and your baby.To learn more, get in touch with our most

experienced DrMayuri’s Gynecology Clinic in Jaipur&make a wellness appointment at an office convenient to you. Our world-class amenities and qualified doctors are available round the clock.In the meantime, eat healthy and stay healhy.

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