Lets Know Why Gynecologist Recommends Prenatal Care & Exams -

Lets Know Why Gynecologist Recommends Prenatal Care & Exams

Having a safe pregnancy is one of the finest ways to endorse a healthy and safe birth. If you take regular prenatal care, it improves the chances of a strong and healthy pregnancy.

What are the prenatal exams and why is it so important?
Let’s clear it,

Women who believe they may be pregnant visit health care provideri.e Dr Myuri’sGynecology Clinic to start prenatal or antenatal care. It is a series of testing, check-ups, and medical advice for mom-to-be. When you visit health care provider, it generally contains a physical exam, weight check, and a urine test.

Dr Mayuri’sGynecology Clinic do general examination, Blood tests, urine tests and Ultrasound examregularly to detect any problem early. The prenatal exam can assist in preventing complexities and inform women about some important steps to protect and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

With prenatal care, a woman can:
  • Decrease the risk of pregnancy complexities. Following a safe diet or healthy diet; getting exercise daily as suggested by a health care provider. Control on high blood pressure and diabetes is necessary to prevent complications and their effects.
  • If you smoke or drink, it can cause sudden infant death. The consumption of alcohol can cause a variety of problems such as a headache, poor memory, poor coordination, problems with heart and kidneys.
You will receive an early warning about miscarriages so you can address it ASAP.

Prenatal vitamins are suggested. 400 micrograms of folic acid and some other vitamins are recommended for the pregnant women and her developing fetus.

Prenatal exams are prepared to support and take care of both mother and baby.

What happens when you first visit Dr Mayuri’sGynecology Clinicfor prenatal care check-up?

the first pre-natal check-up the expectant has to undergo a physical examination. It is a fun as your uterus increases and you tend to see concrete figures attached to the belly. Dr MayuriKothiwala(Gynecologist, Obstetrician; Laparoscopic Surgeon & Infertility Specialist in Jaipur) will carefully palpate the abdomen and take a couple of check-ups that assist to undertake growth.

If you don’t feel you are getting care what you really want, it is time to start looking for right health care provider. Get in touch with our most experienced gynecologists&make a wellness appointment at an office convenient to you. Our world-class amenities and qualified doctors are available round the clock.

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