Expecting Mothers: Here are the 6 useful winter tips for you! Well Guided by Gynecologist -

Expecting Mothers: Here are the 6 useful winter tips for you! Well Guided by Gynecologist

If you are an expecting mother and you have to go through the harsh and dry winter season, you will need to be extra careful. It doesn’t happen to every pregnant woman but many find winter to be a tough season.

This happens because your immune system becomes susceptible to various diseases like cold and cough. And your medicine intake for pain and aches are restricted during this time, catching an infection can be hard.

So, you need extra special care where you wear warm garments, consume healthy and organic foods, and stay hydrated you will sail through the winter easily.

Following are some of the essential winter care tips for expecting women:

1. Right Garments

You will need to keep your body warm throughout the season so if you don’t have warm jackets, get one. Invest in a pair of good quality woolen socks and cap.

2. Vaccine

As your immune system becomes susceptible to infections in winters, it is recommended that you take a flu vaccine. A vaccine will lower your chances of infection.

3. Water, water and a lot more water

It’s not your fault that you forget drinking plenty of water in winters. It’s the season. But that doesn’t mean you act carelessly.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.

4. Do exercise regularly.

Though you might feel tempted towards the quilt spread, come out of the bed and do simple exercises like evening walk, stretching, and evening walks. Indoor exercises like yoga help to stay fit and survive pregnancy in winters.

5. Pedicure in winters

solves two purposes. The feet are cleaned and brightly colored nail paint on well-shaped nails make you cheerful. On the other hand, dipping your feet in warm water and massaging is relaxing.

6. Stay indoors as much as possible.

This prevents you to catch any infection or reduce the risk of exposure to chill and catch a cold.

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