Every new MOM must read these Breastfeeding tips! Doctor Advice. -

Every new MOM must read these Breastfeeding tips! Doctor Advice.

Being a mother is one of the best feelings for a woman. It is the time you emerge as a different person and get to grow with your child as a better person. In the initial days, you have to be more sensitive towards the care your child requires. Breastfeeding is one step. Your child deserves your warmth and nutrition and breastfeeding gives him both

Here we have listed a few tips for the new mothers who have just started breastfeeding may learn and improve:

  • Familiarise yourself of breastfeeding skill. You may take classes or attend a workshop to get a knack of problems and solutions related to breastfeeding. Interacting with already nursing mothers and hearing their stories will be a learning experience..
  • A nurse or lactation consultant of the hospital is of big help to new moms. He will teach you how to latch the baby in a comfortable position so it does not hurt.
  • Keep the nipples moisturized, sore and crack free. Lanolin helps to keep it moist. After nursing, rub the milk onto your nipples with sanitized and soft hands but never rub your nipples.
  • Do not worry a lot about your supply. When you start nursing it may happen that very less milk is produced. Nothing to worry about. The supply will increase depending on the frequency of nursing. So, if the baby demands feed often, she is promoting the body to boost the milk production.
  • Understand that your little one is going to nurse a lot. The baby needs frequent breastfeeding sessions. She may need to feed up to 12 times in a day’s course. First feed should be within the first hour of the birth.
  • Drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated ensure your body produces more milk. Sipping a glass of water when feeding the baby may be a help.

These tips can enrich your experience of breastfeeding for you as well as your child. Work on them and see the difference.

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