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Female Urologist in Jaipur | Urogynecology Treatment in Jaipur

The nearby residents need not go far for special gynecology treatments in Jaipur. We are here to help you. To make urogynecology treatment accessible, affordable, and safe we are putting our best efforts. You won’t have to spend much as we charge reasonably.

You can rely on us for getting the effective treatment for urogynecology in Jaipur. Our specialization, experience, and intense care makes our services reliable. You can rest assured after choosing us for urogynecology treatment in Jaipur.


Urogynecology is a sub-special field of gynecology that deals with the treatment of pelvic floor disorders. The pelvic floor disorders may cause some serious dysfunctions in the body. One in every 5 women deals with a pelvic disorder, and most don’t pay attention to it.

It is a matter of concern and one must not neglect it. It’s time to visit a gynecologist if you see any of the following signs or symptoms in your body.

Reasons and signs
  • Pelvic organ prolapsed
  • Something coming out of vagina
  • Urinary incontinence/ difficulty
  • Fecal incontinence/ Constipation

The above problems signify a pelvic disorder. The weakening of the pelvic floor is also considered as a sign of the disorder. Don’t misinterpret it as a normal part of aging; it is treatable so visit a gynecologist soon.

We have different ways to treat you

The pelvic disorder can be treated via many methods depending on the patient’s current condition. Below are the common ways of treatment we offer,

    • Behavioral treatment options
    • Through medication
    • Physical therapy
    • Reconstructive surgery
    • Injections and other procedures
    • Nerve stimulations
Why take treatment from us ?

As one of the leading treatment providers in urogynecology, we make the best efforts to improve our services. We understand the sensitivity of the treatment; and thus, make sure an individualized care for our patients. We serve with a passion to improve your quality of life. Also, our well-structured procedure involves the evaluation of symptoms at first. Then, we proceed with the necessary action after identifying the problem. We adopt new and safe technologies for treatment and try to make it effective with all our efforts.

Results and post-treatment care

With years of experience, we can make the treatment results effective. Even after good results, the patient may have to carry on with a follow-up care. As there might be some side effects from a surgery or medication, we recommend taking special care of your pelvic area for 6 to 8 weeks.

Avoid activities that may result in pelvic pain during urogynecology treatment. Heavy weight lifting and sexual intercourse can increase pain.

We provide proper after treatment consultancy for you to manage after-care of treatment you went through.

So, no need to worry if you are in Jaipur and need gynecological help, we will always be ready to serve you.

Don’t avoid any symptoms mentioned above and visit the urogynaecologist today to get your treatment done.

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