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Oncology treatment in Jaipur is having a good capacity. The dedicated oncology team takes complete patient care.

Procedures performed at Dr Mayuri’s Gynecology Clinic:

  • Cervical punch Biopsy
  • Endometrial Biopsy
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Vulval/ Vaginal cancer
Oncology Doctor in Jaipur

Our Oncology Doctor in Jaipur treats with an advanced training and proven competence. Her clinic has an experienced gynecologic oncologist and supportive nurses, pharmacists, patient navigators, and gynecologic oncologists in the team.


Gynecologic cancer is a broad term used for various cancers that affect the female reproductive system like the ovaries, uterus, cervix, vulva, vagina, and fallopian tubes. It includes uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer, and other female genital cancers.

What Is Cervical Cancer?

The mouth of the uterus (womb) is known as the cervix and opens on the crown of the vagina. Globally, cervical cancer is the third most common type of cancer in women and a major killer in developing countries like India. It affects the cervix area of female reproductive system.

What Is Uterine Cancer ?

Uterine cancer is the irregular evolution of any cells that contain uterine tissue. The accumulation of cancer cells may form a malignant tumor.

What Is Ovarian Cancer?

When the cancerous growth affects a female’s ovaries the condition is termed ovarian cancer. It is one of commonest types of cancer which affects one-fifth of women. Ovarian cancer is major killer among all gynaecological cancers.

What Is Vulval/ Vaginal Cancer?

Vaginal, vulvar cancer can grow very fast and abnormal cells became uncontrollable to some extent. Most cases begin as abnormal skin cells that gradually turn out malignant over many years.

Did you know?
  • According to the American Cancer Society, Gynecologic cancers are very common and affected over 107000 women in the year 2017.
  • in 2018, about 13,240 women would be identified with invasive cervical cancer and 4,170 will die by such cancer.

Gynecologic cancers instigate by several reasons like aging, smoking, genes, or environmental influences. Also, it is found that some classes of genes, termed oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes stimulate the growth of cancer as per the medical study.


Every cancer has different signs and symptoms. All signs cannot be seen through naked eyes and require precise tools and tests to check its symptoms.

Why treatments from us?

At our clinic, we offer a best-personalized oncology treatment as per the medical needs.

  • Our team includes experienced doctors. They and nurses work together to plan the effective line of treatment.
  • We provide the most innovative technology for uncovering and treatment.
  • We offer vaccinations for cervical cancer which is potentially preventable
  • We have a varied range of medical services comprising fertility services and complementary medicine.

Primarily tests are done to analyze the type and stage of cancer which helps to decide the line of treatment.

Chemotherapy session helps to cut the growth of cancerous cells.

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Dr. Mayuri Kothiwala

Gynecologist, Obstetrician; Laparoscopic Surgeon & Infertility Specialist

Dr Mayuri Kothiwala is an experienced Gynecologist in Jaipur taking care of all Obstetrical and Gynecological related health concerns at every stage of women. Having worked for 10+ Years, she is passionate to explore her expertise in rural and remote areas of Rajasthan to educate, diagnose & treat women for their obstetric & gynecology issues, laparoscopy procedures, oncology & urogyne concerns. Dr Mayuri uses the latest and most advanced techniques including sonography, ultrasound, laparoscopy and lasers for early diagnosis and timely management of her patients.

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