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Gynecologist Dr Mayuri Khotiwala and co-founder Dr Sunil Khotiwala started Dr Mauyri clinic at first floor of the Skineva clinic, Tonk Road, Jaipur with the vision to enhance the health care & safety of the women and baby of different diverse communities of Rajasthan (India). Under one roof, the department provides latest research based procedures ranging from general gynecologic check-ups, solving controversial issues, parental care to the treatment of complex conditions.
Not everybody may be a doctor and not each doctor is a woman’s specialist doctor or Gynecologist. We’ve invariably believed therein. It is a challenge to master and develop repute in a specification like that. Dr. Mayuri Khotiwala has accepted the challenge to take care of women’s sexual healthcare. She has worked for years and had addressed deep problems in her course of work. She has been redefining gynecology with his effective treatments in Jaipur.
With a clear motive to serve the people, she has changed the lives of his patients in a lot of ways. She is one of the best examples to show that hard work pays off. Her expertise within the field is unquestionable and this makes him special for his patient.

Caring for Our Community

Dr Mayuri Clinic conducts various awareness programs to the women residing in Jaipur and nearby villages that includes modern techniques, educational programs, and wellness & disease management programs.

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